Alexandra Arms Inn

The Alexandra Arms Inn features prominently in the Boniface history, having been owned and operated by them for a substantial period of time, in particular James Boniface, 1840 - 1919, brother of Old Tom Boniface, and then son Edward, born 1862.
see reference in Lucy Boniface's will...


The Alexandra Arms in 1902


However it did suffer mortal devastation from an attack by a German bomber during WWII:

Timeline: October 26, 1942

At 1 p.m. the town was attacked from low level in thick cloud by a Dornier 217 which dropped four H.E. bombs (500kg. type) in Willoughby Crescent, Seaside, Allfrey Road and Northbourne Road. The Alexandra Arms received a direct hit and was demolished, and over fifty houses were seriously damaged.
Casualties: Fourteen Dead; twenty-two injured.


As we see in the photo above, the Alexandra Arms was reconstructed shortly after on the same foundation and is now again a viable enitity, as demostrated by the enjoyment current patrons experience, including descendants of the former owners


Alexandra Arms even enjoys its very own Newsletter:



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