a word from Ann Foord

I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to contribute to this website. My name is Ann Foord (nee Boniface), Granddaughter of Old Tom and Elizabeth.

Old Tom and Elizabeth Boniface

My parents were George Alexander and Eliza Elizabeth (Dale). I am second youngest of their seven children, all born at 65 Channel View Road. My Uncle Henry lived at 63 and Uncle James at 61.

Mum and Dad (George Alexander and Lily Boniface)

My Uncle Henry lived at no.63 and Uncle James at no. 61. My Grandparents and Aunt Lucy lived quite close in Sidley Road. Unfortunately I do not remember my Grandparents - my Brothers told me that if they heard Granny Bonny coming they would escape out the backdoor! Apparently she was very strict and was always dressed from head to foot in black. I do remember Aunt Lucy. When visiting her she would often give me the money and a jug to go to the Snug bar at the Beach Hotel pub - just across the road - to buy her some beer.

The Beach Hotel

I was very under age but they served me. She liked her beer did Lucy! In fact all the Bonifaces liked a few pints except of course, Old Tom, he was teetotal because he was a strong Salvationist.

My Father was a mechanic on the Eastbourne Lifeboat "Jane Holland", a fact of which I am very proud.

The Jane Holland

My Mother would sit up all night if they were at sea. It used to be 1 maroon for standby and two for a launch. People would start running to the Station to help. It was very hard work as the boat had to be pulled out on to a ramp and then down greased trows which had to be taken from the back and pulled round the front until they got to the sea, the helpers sometimes got extremely wet! If it was low tide the boat then had to be pushed over the bar.
The Bonifaces were a fishing, boating family, which has died out with my generation.

Ron and Ann Foord

My Husband, Ron, was also born in Eastbourne. His Parents had a Confectionery and Tobacconist shop in Firle Road so we both grew up in this very healthy seaside resort.
Eastbourne was very elite then. On a Sunday evening in nice weather we would put our best clothes on and walk with our Parents up to as far as the Pier. There my Father would buy us an ice-cream and we would walk back to the Fishermen's Club - my Parents to have a few drinks whilst my youngest Brother, Peter, and I had to wait outside!

The Fishermen's Club, Eastbourne


Ann (2) and Ron (1) at the Fishermen's Club
Boniface Reunion 2003

We still visit Eastbourne quite a lot to see our relatives and have often been asked if we would like to retire there. The answer is always no. We have been away too long - 48 years! Plus we have a family of one son and three daughters who have produced our eight wonderful Grandchildren.
In closing I must say that the Carpet Gardens along the Promenade always look spectacular, whatever the season.

Eastbourne's Carpet Gardens
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