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About Eastbourne

A brief history of Eastbourne

Eastbourne Map

See where Eastbourne is

Michael's Family Tree

Meet my ancestors

Pauline's Family Tree

Meet my ancestors

The Bonifaces

A brief history of the clan

The Chalk Pit Cottages

Learn about the famous cottages at Holywell

Lucy Boniface 'the first' (1778-1869)

An insight into this interesting lady, including a very old photograph

Lucy Boniface 'the second' (1818-1893)

Read the Last Will and Testament of Lucy Verrall

The Story of 'Old Tom' Boniface

Read the saga of a fascinating person, Michael's G-G-Grandfather

Roll of Honour

Special recognition for service to England

The Seaside of 1852

See how the seaside looked a century and a half ago

Alexandra Arms Inn

We'll tell you about our favourite pub, and why it's our favourite...

Then and Now

Photographs from the past and how it looks now

Where are they now?

Faces from the past, and wondering where they are now...

Digging Roots

Read the first edition of our Newsletter

The Emigrants

Find out about who left England for a future elsewhere

The Fishermen's Club

Old and new views of the fishermen's club

Notable Incidents

Several notable incidents in the Boniface history

The Prom

Take a walk down the beautiful promenade of Eastbourne

Eastbourne Pleasure Boats, 1921 - 1939

A map of where the pleasure boats operated from the foreshore

I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

The lovely old song about the seaside


A moving poem about Sussex, by Rudyard Kipling

Sussex By The Sea

The marching song of the Royal Sussex Regiment

1939 - 1945

Scenes from WWII in Eastbourne
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A Beautiful Painting

of Eastbourne 1889

The Allchorn Boats

An update about our favourite cruise boats

The Story of Annie Bowler

A interview with 'Grandmother Eastbourne'

Murder at the Crumbles

Two sad stories from years gone by

Hectic Moments

Old Fishermen recall some hectic moments

The Eastbourne Boniface Reunion 2003

Read about it and see many photos

The Eastbourne Cross

The story of the Eastbourne cross

The last Will and Testament of George Boniface

George Boniface 1836 - 1893

The Wish

A beautiful poem of England

A Word From Ann Foord

Cousin Ann Foord shares her memories of Eastbourne

A Victorian Christmas

Christmastime in the 1800's in England


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