The Newsletter of 'Eastbourne Cousins'

Volume 1. . Issue 1
January 2003

Planting Seeds & Digging Roots


Hello and welcome to our inaugural issue of 'Eastbourne Cousins' Newsletter! This website is the collaborative effort of Michael Bignell, and Pauline Mowbray, both being descendants of the Boniface Family of Eastbourne. It is with pride and joy that this project has come to this fruition, having spent much time and effort, over the course of years, exchanging information, banter, and sharing our discoveries that we have made in our family tree.

Pauline, who hails from Eastbourne, and emigrated to Australia in 1981, is a fountain of information as well as a source of a wide array of images and input. She has been a serious genealogist for many years.

Michael was born in Ontario, Canada, but inherited his affinity for Eastbourne and kinfolk from his Nan (Ethel Bennett, born in Eastbourne). Together, they went for a sentimental journey back to Eastbourne a few months before she passed away, January 1980, and he has sojourned to Eastbourne on various other occasions before and after that.

You may consider this website to be like a family album, with some family history, stories from then and now about the Eastbourne area and also the Eastbourne cousins. For the most part this site is sentimental and often light-hearted, mixed with family history, yet is not intended specifically as a genealogy site.


In the future updates we will provide any news or photos that anyone might like to share, whether it be related to the family tree or reports of recent Eastbourne happenings or interesting facts not previously known.

If there is enough interest, in the future we would like to include a Cousin's Gallery, with a small photo and name of everyone who wishes to participate. Then we can all see who our cousins are.

Pauline will be travelling this year, to England and Europe, and will be providing us with updates. (Regretfully, she wishes she had time for more personal visits, but the tight schedule prevents this).

This website will continue to grow, so please come back and visit again, and look for our Update Log, and What's Coming Soon pages.

On behalf of Pauline and myself, we hope you enjoyed your visit to Eastbourne Cousins Website. See you again soon!

All the best,
Michael Bignell


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