Eastbourne 1939 - 1945

part two


"We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds,
we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills;
we shall never surrender!"
- Winston Churchill

Eastbourne Fire Station
February 7, 1943

Four F.W. 190's attacked the town at low altitude. They carried 500 kg bombs, which they dropped in the centre of town. One bomb pierced the Fire Station before exploding inside and demolishing the building. Many other shops, homes and buildings were demolished.
15 dead, 72 injured.





Terminus Road
November 22, 1940

At 2:10 pm a single Dornier 17 dropped sixteen H.E. bombs. Extensive damage was caused to hotels, shops and business property.

1 dead, 10 injured.

NIx's Corner, Terminus Road

same attack as above (Terminus Road)




Barkley's Bank
March 7, 1943

Barkley's Bank
March 7, 1943:

Eight minutes before 1 pm an assortment of sixteen M.E. 109's and F.W. 190's attacked town. They approached coast at less than 20 feet and climbed to clear Beachy Head. All the planes dived on the town with guns blazing and fourteen bombs were dropped. Extensive damage was caused to houses, and business property.
14 dead, 59 injured






Brightland Road,
March 7, 1943:

(same attack as above, Barkley's Bank)

Meads Street
First bombed September 24, 1940
Also bombed June 6, 1943:
7 dead, 43 injured.

Many members of our Boniface family have lived in the Meads area of Eastbourne for several generations.



  Caffreys Garage
September 24, 1940
Also hit June 6, 1943:

Fourteen F.E. 190's raided the town.
Caffrey's Garage (amongst many others) was hit and set on fire.

7 dead and 43 injured

June 4, 1943: Bombs dropped near the Beach Laundry, and the Beach Hotel, but missed their targets. The Beach Hotel has been a favourite of several of the Boniface family, including the fishermen, and also Michael's Great-Grandmother, Lucy Boniface Nicholls.


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